Moderne Luv
Moderne Luv Moderne Luv Moderne Luv Moderne Luv

"MODERNE LUV" by Ohara Hale.

Drawn with a thick black pencil in a minimalistic cartoony style and paired with a lighthearted and simple slang-based dialogue, Ohara Hale’s Moderne Luv manages to convey true-to-life emotion and intimacy with such brevity. The story follows the relationship of two easily recognized ( yes, that is what you think it is) yet anatomically distorted characters ( that can be mix and matched, as noted by the author in the beginning of the book) as they struggle to understand a relationship we are all currently in the process of understanding how to navigate : the need/desire for physical intimacy, the convenience of technology yet distance it creates, and our ever-more pressing drive to “work”. The book flows playfully as it covers mature topics but carries a tinge of melancholy, ending purposefully ambiguous so that “the reader can react and interpret the ending based on their own experience so the story tells their story as well”.

Published by Ray Ray Books

5.5” x 8.5”, 40 pages. $5
Full-color cover with b&w interior